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Seven service teams

The following seven service teams are doing a commendable job for the social and economic upliftment of the parishioners.

  1. Good Samaritan medical team to help the sick.
  2. Infant Jesus Crib Team to help the poor to build houses. .
  3. Canaan Marriage Team to help girls get married. .
  4. Thanam Group to campaign for human Organ Donation. .

For the Welfare of the patients in and around the parish, an “ organ Donation Committee has been functioning from October 2012. They conduct medical camps by creating awareness and encouraging the public for eye and blood donation.

  1. St. Mary’s Gospel team to do evangelization. .
  2. Fr. Eugine’s education team to help in higher education. .
  3. Puthu Vasantham (New Life) De- Addiction team to redeem the alcoholics and rehabilitate them in life

The present Church of Our Lady of Nativity, Mulagumoodu is one of the finest churches in the whole of the Diocese of Kuzhithurai having spacious grounds to accommodate several hundreds of worshipers and pilgrims and to hold various activities both at the Vicariate and Diocesan level. Some of those activities conducted in the Church campus are:

  1. Marriage preparatory class (Diocese level)
  2. Nanjil Career Academy (Diocese level) for skill development of students .
  3. Sigaram Academy Training Centre,Mulagumoodu .
  4. Comitium (Vicariate legion of Mary) .
  5. Priests’ Meeting (Vicariate level) .
  6. Seva Sang office (Zonel level) .

Church Events