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St.Mary’s Youth Movement (Boys)

Youth Movement for boys functions under the guidance of Diocesan Youth Commission and provides meritorious services to the parish. It includes taking part in training programmes, staging dramas, dances and debates taking extra participation in parish programmes and also helping to construct free houses for the poor.

Kolping Family

The noble cause of this family is to help the weaker sections in the society. They also provide higher educational assistance, medical assistance and ambulance facilities to the sick. They have gifted an ambulance to the parish. Construction of free houses to the poor is also one of their activities.

Youth Movement (girls)

Youth movement(girls) actively participates under the guidance of the Diocesan Youth Commission. Taking part in training programmes, creating health awareness among women about the problems they face in the society and becoming self-reliant are some of the activities of Youth Movement.

Society of St.Vincent De Paul (St Mary’s Conference)

The society of St.Vincent De Paul is the first youth conference of Kottar Diocese at Mulagumoodu, having the title as St.Mary’s conference. This society adopts catholic and non catholic poor families. They visit the houses of the poor and needy, praying for the sick, encouraging christian values in the families. They help the children of the adopted families by providing educational scholarships and meeting their medical expenses.

Legion of Mary

To promote devotion to Mother Mary from the gross roots, the women were well organized by the pious association named Legion of Mary. They come together as a group to recite the Holy Rosary every day at 3 PM. The Mulagumoodu unit is the head of the Diocesan units (Comitium). They visit the elderly and sick people at their houses to console them through prayers and kind words.

Women’s Movement

Empowerment of women is the main goal of organising them as movements in the parish level. They also join hands with different women activist groups to fight against problems connected with women and girl children.

Catholic Action Society (C.A.S.)

The CAS was founded by Fr. C.M. Hillary on 20-04-1941 at Mulagumoodu, the first time in the Diocese. They aim at renewing every one in faith in Christ. They have two wings, one for men another for women which are actively functioning at Mulagumoodu. It maintains the old St. Aloysius library cum reading room at Mulagumoodu which is now under renovation. They run a store selling rosaries, icons, saints photos, books, devotional CDs and DVDs etc. Its activities include family visits, praying for the sick and needy by encouraging christian values in families. This society helps the poor students by providing educational assistance.

Liturgical Committee

The entire Liturgical activities of the parish are well organized with the team of selected members from each Basic Christian Community (BCC). They gather at the church campus every Monday especially on feast days to prepare the forthcoming Liturgical and Para Liturgical services of the parish. They also organise seminars to the parishioners to make them understand the meaning of different liturgical forms.

Catholic Renewal Movement of India (CRMI)

The important role of the CRMI is to create leadership qualities among the lay people to empower the secular world. They conduct leadership training programmes and special camps in the parish level. They also participate in the national level programmes to understand catholic faith and current theological rends.

Altar boys

Encouraging the children from their childhood to participate in liturgical activities and guide them to grow in christian faith.They also participate in carols.

Basic Christian Communities

Basic Christian Communities (BCC) were established in Mulagumoodu parish in 1993. At present 33 BCC are functioning in our parish.It is a great people’s movement which develops democratic participation and ensures the representation of people of all levels in the Church and society.

Commission for Children

The commission catches the children young to inculcate in them positive human christian values and guide them to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Christan Worker’s Movement (CWM)

CWM creates awareness in the parish labourers about the welfare schemes of the Government and guides them to enroll in labour welfare board to get assistance/ pension in their old age.They also help the differently abled and the poor labourers in constructing free houses to them.

Inland Fishermen Sangam

The inland fishermen are organized as teams in every parish of the diocese. They concentrate more on small savings. Its central team is functioning under the guidence of the priest appointed by the Bishop. The central team organises different motivational programs according to the needs of the area.

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